Dear Springtime,

Me and my horse, Phoebe, would like to compliment your new product, Spirulina Wafers. Phoebe has a very high allergic sensitivity to bugs. Since taking your product, Phoebe not only tolerates bugs, she can stand still to take wonderful pictures now. Her immune system is healing (and no more coughing as well). This product saved my horse! I had to give her over 400 mg of Benedryl to make her feel more comfortable, but now I have not used it at all since your wafers. Phoebe can finally eat grass without having to gear her up with every fly net possible. The tears from my eyes are gone now that I don't have to see my horse itch and cough from allergy pain. I feel that now my horse is truly a happy horse and is comfortable in her own skin.

Thank you, Springtime!
Erica Rowe, Connecticut