Dear Springtime,

One of my horses has COPD and the other one has had a reoccurring bacterial infection on his girth line that nothing came close to clearing up. When my new Springtime catalog came and I read about the Spirulina Wafers, I knew I had to try it. Within two weeks, Blaze's breathing was much, much better, and Playboy's infection was going away. Now, over a month later, Playboy's infection is completely cleared up and Blaze's breathing in 100% better.

I was so impressed that I started the three dogs on Longevity – one of them is older and has joint problems. It wasn't two weeks that they had been on Longevity that they were visibly more active, especially the older one. Dee-Dee is acting like a puppy, and more active than she was when we rescued her five years ago (she was a rescue dog).

I then thought if this product could help these animals like this, I better get myself on it right away. After one and a half weeks on Spirulina Tablets, the pain in my right knee felt so much better. I increased the dosage to ten a day and I no longer have to get cortisone shots in my knee. The pain is virtually gone, plus my eyesight has gotten much better, which I didn't expect. What a surprise to be able to read the clock without my glasses plus the light flashes in my left eye have completely gone away. I am blown away by the way I feel and am telling everyone about this product. Thank you so very much for making our lives so much better.

Liz Dietrich, Florida