Dear Springtime,

Thank you so much for your kindness and your wonderful products. I've enclosed pictures of my daughter Shane with her 20-something retired ranch Quarterhorse, Black Jack, and my younger daughter Rachel with her 30-ish Arabian mare, Freckles.

Both horses were in sad shape when we were able to give them homes (and devoted cowgirls!). Black Jack has fewer lameness episodes, he's absolutely beautiful, and his cough is nonexistent thanks to Spirulina Wafers. Before we used your Joint Health Formula, he had days when he was so uncomfortable that he would be aggressive. Now we have periods when he can enjoy short, flat rides, and is positively snuggly!

Freckles, however, is like a young mare. The Joint Health Formula has made such a difference in her. When Freckles first came to us there were mornings when she didn't want to get to her feet and she had horrendous hock sores. Now she bucks, gallops, and takes wonderful care of her girl. We've used the Bug Off Garlic for two fly seasons now and find that it works very well for all three of our horses.

We recommend your products wholeheartedly!

Christy Burgess, California