Dear Springtime,

In the early fall of 2006, One of our senior horses at the barn, Harley, was diagnosed with a very aggressive mouth cancer, very rare and very deadly. ...After medical treatments failed, the horse was basically sent home to the barn to die. It was a nightmare.

When I came to this barn in 2005, my horse Snickers was taking Spirulina Wafers for his allergy problems and for his general health. I convinced Harley's owner and the other owner of a senior horse that it was wise to give their horses a product that would boost the immune system. My horses, Snickers, used to have summer itch so bad that one time he had no hair from between his front legs underneath to his tail. I was impressed at this immune response while using Spirulina Wafers and suggested to Harley's owners to keep giving it to Harley and to not give up on the body's natural tendency to heal...

Our vet at Dominion Equine, Dr. John, called Harley's remission nothing short of a miracle and I agree… Harley is a happy horse; he has survived an original "months" prognosis, and is happy grazing in his pasture. Snickers is peaceful in the summer months, no more itch. Both Snickers and Harley are living testimony and tributes to this wonderful product. We are forever grateful for Harley, now 27, and Snickers, now 23, thank you very much.

Carol Malinauskas, Virginia