Dear Springtime,

Recently I received one of your catalogs. I have four dogs and fifteen horses so you can imagine my mailbox is flooded everyday with catalogs, etc. I usually don't take the time to look at them but this is the first time I received one from Springtime. The cover said "Natural Supplements for Horses, Dogs, and People" which caught my interest.

I have a Basset Hound (Elvis) who is allergic to the world and has been tested for allergies (food and the environment) and recently finished the injections to boost his immune system. A couple months ago Elvis hurt his back and the vet limited him to activities and NO steps. He put him on pain meds which only masked his injury. I bought a ramp to get him in and out of the truck as he gets a bath every week with special shampoo for his sensitive skin. I decided to research Springtime's website and was amazed at all the satisfied customers! I placed my first order for my horses, dogs, and people!

One of my horses (Chubby) was diagnosed with COPD and I ordered the DMG 5,600 for coughing. She has been on DMG 5,600 for about a month and is now able to eat hay instead of alfalfa cubes which gets very expensive every week and she is cough free!

My husband (Norm) hurt his knee in November 2009 and had an MRI. They told him time would heal it. He had terrific pain and wore a knee brace all the time. Norm had been taking three of the Joint Health Capsules and two Tonic Blend tablets every day for about a month and has very little pain and hasn't worn the knee brace for a couple of weeks! He couldn't believe it. He is kind of a doubting Thomas on things so he was a little skeptical trying this. He said something sure helped. Must be Springtime! He takes it religiously every day!

As for Elvis, he is on Bug Off Garlic Chewables, Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables, Omega 3-6-9, and ½ tablet of Spirulina Wafers twice a day. I actually feel good about feeding him all these supplements. I know all natural will help him and he won't be affected from all the meds from the vet. I ordered a couple of organic treat books and went to our local health marked to purchase organic supplies to make dog treats since Elvis is limited to what he can eat. Spoiled? He is worth it! He is my best friend. I rescued him from a bad situation when he was nine months old and tied to a tree for target practice. He was in bad shape when I got him. He is now eight years old. He is doing terrific thanks to Springtime. I can't believe the difference in his skin and coat; no shedding, no flakes, and shiny. He is very happy and playing again. You can see it in his big brown eyes! He even tried to jump on the couch which is his favorite spot and he hasn't been able to do that in months. I have also cut his bathing down to once a month!

As for me, I am taking the Tonic Blend and Spirulina Tablets. With each order I have passed along to my friends the extra books you packed in the boxes. I have several dog friends and told them about the results I have had with Elvis. It is funny, everyone knows Elvis in town. Your customer service is wonderful. I had several questions regarding Elvis before I ordered to make sure he would not be allergic to any of your products. They were very knowledgeable and helpful.

Enclosed are a couple of pics of Elvis. He is the KING! He was crowned King at the Bow Wow Luau to help raise money for the Humane Society. He was adorable and managed to raise $300 from local sponsors.

Please keep up the good work! We are the Springtime family! In the long run, we are saving money on vet bills and we are all happy!

Thanks again,
Cheri Meyer, Missouri