Dear Springtime,

This year, my 31 year old Palomino/Quarter Horse, Gold Cedar, became very stiff. He would lay down at night to rest his weary body and stay down until I went up to the barn in the morning. Because he was laying down for so long and he was so stiff and sore, I had to put a halter on him and encourage him to get up. I felt so bad that I started to get up between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. every morning and went up to the barn to get Cedar up on his feet. Sometimes, I could encourage him to get up with a carrot, and other times I had to put his halter on and pull him up.

Thank goodness I received your flyer about a new supplement called Joint Health Formula. After having Cedar on this supplement for three weeks, I had a much different horse. Ninety percent of the time, he is up before I go to the barn and the other ten percent of the time, he gets up as soon as he sees me at the door. He stands for a few minutes and walks in for breakfast. I no longer have to make my nightly visit to the barn. Cedar and I are so pleased with this product.

Cedar taught me how to be a good rider. He has won several year-end awards in the western division, he has participated in parades, in trail riding for the handicapped, and most of all, he is my buddy. He has always given unconditional love. So now that he is a senior citizen, I want his senior years to be all they can be and Joint Health is helping to make this happen.

Beverly Hockenbury, New Jersey