Dear Springtime,

In December of 2002, I traveled to Canada and bought a 17.1 hand, 11 year old Thoroughbred, Roswell. He had some issues with pulling on the bit and shaking his head but I thought this was nothing compared to my last horse. Months went by with no improvement, so I put him up for sale. I told my trainer I could not ride this animal. Roswell's gaits were too rough; I felt I had to be adjusted after every ride. I put him in 90 days of training to help sell him, but buyers were still having the same issues that I had. …I was very frustrated… One day, I noticed a catalog I had never received before…I started reading the testimonials and thought, yeah, sure, whatever, but for some reason…I decided to order the Joint Health Formula. Your customer service was wonderful. I placed my order and it was on my door three days later… A few weeks later I decided to take Roswell for a lesson. As I was working him, my trainer approached us and said, "What do you have that horse on now?" Now that was gratifying. Roswell and I started our eventing career last year and have been getting a ribbon every time. His gait is now free, no more pulling, grinding his teeth, or throwing his head. He is getting in stride without a problem. Thank you, Springtime, you saved Roswell, surely.

Sarah VandenBerghe, Michigan