Dear Springtime,

This spring, my getting close to 40 years old horse, John Boy, started limping really bad and his front legs were breaking down. I bought him when he was 16 and he has been solid all these years.

I have never used any joint supplements, but received your catalog and decided to try your Joint Health Formula on Johnny. I thought maybe I shouldn't expect too much because he was getting bad and because of his age. Within three weeks I started to see he wasn't creeping out of his stall in the morning, he was walking out. Then, at about five weeks he trotted out a few times. Then, one day he must've remembered he could lope and off he went outside. He's sooo much better now, not perfect, but he trots when he wants to, and if he feels like a little buck or lope, he doesn't hesitate.

Johnny says, "Thanks, Springtime!"
Me, too!
Ann Pendleton, Maine