Dear Springtime,

I have a well-loved little black mare named Baylee of no known breeding and uncertain age. She was purchased from a difficult situation approximately three years ago. Since buying her, I had been able to, until this last fall, ride her anywhere without problems. However, in the fall she began to show generalized joint soreness. It began with a front pastern, then it shifted to her hock, and then I began to be able to hear her joints creak when she walked. She no longer ran around in the pasture and she got very, very grumpy. It was obvious that she was hurting and riding was out of the question. We did liniments, massages, wraps, and just about everything one can do for joint issues short of putting her on permanent pain medication. It all helped somewhat, however, nothing really fixed it.

Then I remembered your Joint Health Formula from your catalog. In hopes of helping her, I sent for your Joint Health Formula and proceeded to load her up…. It took about two weeks of a moderately large dose to stop hearing her walk. Then the joint swelling stopped. Then I noticed she was walking much more freely. She has been on the standard dose now for about three and a half months and is now running in the pasture. She steps out beautifully and I am again riding her. Yesterday, when I went out to the pasture to visit the horses, she came running up to me at full speed. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have her going sound again. She is beautiful little mare with a great deal of personality, and she is a great ride to boot. Baylee is the little black horse I always wanted when I was a child. And now that she no longer has any joint pain, she is back to being the empress of the pasture and she is no longer grumpy. This is great stuff! Thank you very much! You have a permanent customer.

Laura Brooks, Ohio