Dear Springtime,

Thank you for making Longevity for dogs. We adopt retired greyhounds and one of ours developed joint problems late last year at about age nine and a half. She started limping every time she got up from a nap. In our opinion, she was too young to take the usual vet drugs that can end up destroying their liver and other organs. We had used Springtime products that helped our Cairns' coat health years ago and were looking in the catalog for something that might help us with this other problem. We decided to try Longevity. Within a few weeks, the limp was gone. It has been half a year now and there is no sign of any problem. All the dogs are getting it and they just passed their senior dog blood work and annual vet checks with flying colors.

Since then, we have ordered Joint Health Formula to give to our horses. We have seen a noticeable improvement in the 11 year old Quarter Horse, Charley. He used to slouch and now stands tall and straight. He appears to have grown half a hand and we don't think that is possible at his age. We acquired his last filly before he was gelded and started her on Joint Health Formula even though she just turned two. We just purchased a 10 year old Belgian and when he arrives at our stable you can bet we will start him on Joint Health Formula. I have highly recommended your products to anyone who is experiencing similar problems with their animals.

Thanks for your help!
Peggy Neaves, Florida