Dear Springtime,

Wow, what super service! I just got an email confirming shipping and my shipping number, and I only put the order in a couple of hours ago. My horse thrives on your products. His registered name is Snappy Count. We call him Snappy, but at times we refer to him as "Count Snappy" when his Thoroughbred blood leads him to act like royalty that I am to wait on hand and foot! Actually he's a very fine old gentleman. He would not be sound at 27 and still enjoying trail rides if it were not for Joint Health Formula. He's a retired show jumper that has severe joint issues, but you would never know it. We have had a very tough summer with poor hooves so I am hoping your Hoof & Coat Formula will give him stronger hooves. Deciding whose product to try first was a 'no brainer.'

Michelle Eppinga, North Carolina