Dear Springtime,

I wasn't kidding – your products are great and all our creatures benefit from them: human (Tonic Blend), canine (Fresh Factors), equine (DMG 5,600), J-Flex Concentrate, Breather Powder and Gamma). I have given Fresh Factors and information on it to so many people and they have been so pleased with it. Don't ever change. The enclosed photo is of my daughter, Mary, and The Griffin who is on Gamma, J-Flex Concentrate and DMG 5,600. He is now sound of wind and limb – he was seldom sound for more than a few days at a time and he had trouble with allergies. He was unrideable – head tossing, nose blowing, just miserable. He is now a happy, reasonable horse. So from the three humans, 14 dogs and five horses, a great big THANK YOU, Springtime!

Susan Barrett, Pennsylvania