Dear Springtime,

I wrote a couple years back to tell you how great your J-Flex Concentrate was working for my Thoroughbred mare, Mirage. Mirage is now 26 and still going strong thanks to her daily dose of J-Flex Concentrate. She loves to be ridden and everybody thinks she is much younger than her age. I can't thank you enough for making such a wonderful product. She is still one of the most comfortable horses to ride and will always be on J-Flex Concentrate.

I have also gotten my boyfriend hooked on your products for his dog, Kobe. Kobe is seven years old and gets Fresh Factors every day. Kobe thinks that Fresh Factors are a "treat" and will not eat his food until we put them in his dish. Kobe still acts like a puppy thanks to Fresh Factors.

Thanks so much for making the high quality products you do.
Jenny Vedder, Oregon