Dear Springtime,

I have a 24 year old Peruvian Paso, Chanchi, which in 2000 was diagnosed with severe joint problems and needed to be put down. I, however, couldn't do it and I searched until I found Springtime. Chanchi has now been on J-Flex Concentrate and Bug Off Garlic for four years. The x-rays show no joint problems and he is back on active duty – that's up to ten hours in the saddle a day on all terrains. With the help of J-Flex Concentrate before patrol I do not have a sore horse the next day. No leaning or walking on eggshells. This is truly a wonder of a product, and boy, did I try the gamut of stuff out there. Yours worked wonders for Chanchi.

Thanks and good health,
Jamie Trujillo, California