Dear Springtime,

In March, I lost my Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred mare, Scarlett, to colic. She was almost 24 years old and had also suffered from joint issues for many years. We decided she needed help and had tried other products without success before we discovered J-Flex Concentrate. The J-Flex Concentrate results were amazing! Within about a week after starting the J-Flex Concentrate, she was moving more easily and was kicking up her heels like a youngster again! We kept her on it for about a year and then decided to try to stop it and see if she would be ok without it… big mistake! She was so stiff and slow moving and obviously needed her J-Flex Concentrate restarted. I'm not sure how long she stayed on it, probably at least six or seven years, but I have no doubt that it greatly increased her quality of life. She shared her pasture with my husband's 15 year old gelding, Doc, and had no problems keeping up with him.

We also use the Fresh Factors and the Joint Health Chewables for all five of our dogs, ranging in age from seven months to nine years. They all love the tablets and get excited when it's time for their "vitamins." They are all happy and healthy, running, playing, and enjoying their lives!

Please feel free to use any of this unsolicited letters in your catalog. I am enclosing pictures of Scarlett and Doc, as well as our five dogs, Yogi, Jojo, Dixie, Dolly and Jake. (As you can see, none of them appear undernourished or neglected!)

Thanks again for such great products! We are definitely big fans of Springtime!

Quint and Sandra Lindsey, North Carolina