Dear Springtime,

Your products are fabulous. I have written before about my little dog, Albert. Albert passed away last April at 15 and a half years old. He is still on your website and I truly believe he lived his last years in complete comfort and happiness because of your products.

When Albert passed I got a new Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix puppy named Samson. We knew he was "different" right off the bat but got him anyway. His mother had tried to eat him as a couple days old puppy, so he has a massive, deep scar on the left side of his head and some scar tissue on the right. He had bad balance, always stumbling, leaning, bumping into things, and even falling over. We figured that he had suffered head trauma in the accident with his Mom. The veterinarians we go to give us advice on the things we could look into to help him… surgery and medication. I am very much against medicating my animals unless it is a last ditch effort. He was a ten week old puppy and just as happy as could be, and he didn't know he was different.

After a couple of months, Samson started rolling. He would shake his head, fall over, and roll several times. Then he would jump up and run around. Talk about shocking the first time that happened. Well, three veterinarians and a lot of emotional turmoil later, I signed over the puppy. We just could not find out what was wrong with him. A week went by and they did not put him down but rather found a foster home for him. I called and wanted my baby back, and got him back! I figured that I adopted him knowing he had some issues and needed to help this little guy the most I could.

Then, while getting his shots, the vet tech cleaned his ears and found Samson was lacking something that pretty much explained all his actions. He has no opening to his ear canal on the right side! This throws his equilibrium and his balance off. WOW, what a discovery! Upon finding this out, I immediately put him on Fresh Factors and Longevity because they both are great all around products that can help with inflammation. Since we could not see in his ear canal, we did not know if there was inflammation or even normal ear anatomy in there. Fast forward nine months, Samson is still running, playing, destroying toys, and being as obnoxious as a puppy can be. We have not done surgery on his ear because he is very happy, not in pain, and knows no different. He has adjusted himself to live with his "uniqueness," no longer rolls and his balance is getting better and better. I truly believe that Springtime products have helped him along this crazy journey we are on. We will continue to use these products as I feel they have been a huge benefit for him. We also use both products mentioned above for our long haired dog that has terrible skin allergies. He no longer itches after taking these products. Thank You!

I also have my horses, 20 year old Leo, and 22 year old Nandy, on J-Flex Concentrate. It is unbelievable how they are able to get around. I am still competing on both of them in barrel racing and Nandy will be helping two young girls in 4H this year.

Dawn Cook, Illinois