Dear Springtime,

First of all let me make it clear that my horse, Trouper, does not, nor did he, have any problems when I selected the Springtime Gamma as my free item the last time I ordered your products for my dogs. I ordered the Gamma because of the information I read about it and felt this was one way of offering additional calories in the cold months without upping concentrated feeds… I had wanted to see if the Gamma might keep Trouper from losing any weight during the numerous frigid snaps here in Tennessee.

Now that we are on the backside of winter I can say for sure that the alterations in Trouper's body are not only noticeable but also seem permanent… Not only did Trouper not lose any weight, but Trouper put on muscle-weight, high on the croup where his pelvis attaches to his backbone, across the top of his scapula and the large muscle on the inside of the rear legs at the back.

I cannot tell you what a joy it is to purchase a product that not only does what it claims it will, but goes even a little further, thank you.

Pamela Rogers, Tennessee