Dear Springtime,

I have a 13 year old Appaloosa and for six years, he would get worked up every time you put a saddle on him and cinched him up. He would pull back, throw himself to the floor, rear up, walk around and not stand still, cross both feet over each other, almost tripping himself on purpose. Very nervous on trails. When I finally got the saddle on, he would walk with heavy feet, walk tall, grind his teeth, jump at everything in sight. He was extremely dangerous on busy roads. I almost got hit by a car twice! He would race home. I tried everything I could think of. I've had him for sale several times only to change my mind when someone was interested.

He's a beautiful, friendly horse when he is not ridden. He's great trailering, with the vet, and farrier. I've heard everyone's advice and nothing worked till I tried your product, Daily Calm! He's only been on it for a month and I can't believe how he has improved! He doesn't pull back when I am cinching the saddle – he stands still! What an improvement. He is calming down on the road and he no longer freaks out with traffic. He doesn't walk around with his head held high, grinding his teeth. He doesn't race home either. He is a changed horse.

I am so glad I bought this product. I love my horse and I would hate to see what would have happened if he ended up with someone else who had no patience with him. I was told he has been like this his whole life. Thank you for putting together a product that helps our best friends.

Joan Stone, New Hampshire