Dear Springtime,

On November 5th, 2006 I went to a horse sale with my friend…found a light gray Arabian, 14 hand gelding with almost black mane, tail, large black eyes, pink nose…My heart took a leap! I knew I had to have him… I won the bid… I found later that he had belonged to a 13 year old girl who was intimidated by him. He was quite pushy, and arrogant and did not want anyone in "his" stall. I get your Springtime, Inc. catalog and read a testimonial about how Daily Calm had helped other problem horses and decided to try it. WOW! A product that actually does what is claims to do. "Aramis" is a changed horse. He just needed some calming down so I could gain his confidence. He has become a good trail horse. I no longer have to go in the trailer with him when we are loading. I only give Aramis Daily Calm if I have not ridden him for a while, more for my self-assurance to keep from starting a bad habit.

Thank you for making a product that "REALLY DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO!"

A satisfied customer,
Jan Dean, Ohio
P.S. By the way, I'm 75 years young and still trail riding hundreds of miles each year. Aramis is one of seven horses in my barn.