Dear Springtime,

I have been riding horses for 15 years and have owned horses for the past 10 years. I have competed in a number of different events, but my main event is barrel racing. I own five horses and compete off two. My husband and I travel to many rodeos throughout the year and even more barrel races and jackpots. I have accomplished a number of things, from qualifying for BBR world four times, NBHA world four times, and was a UBRA champion in the 1D and 2D three times.

I also am a riding instructor and trainer out at Sunnyside Stables. I work with a number of different people of all ages and all abilities, but my main focus and interest is working with children. I love teaching beginners, starting from the ground up and watching them grow! I completed an internship at the Dakota County Juvenile Correctional Facility last summer, so as you can see I really have a passion for working with children.

I'm a huge fan of your products. I currently use the Spirulina Wafers on my bay gelding, Macho, that is prone to skin allergies and hives, and they work amazingly! Before starting the Spirulina Wafers, he had hives the size of golf balls, and he hasn't had a hive since. I also use the Daily Calm on my high strung Palomino mare, Peaches, and this really takes the edge off and helps her focus. I love the products and am looking into using some others for this upcoming season.

Thanks so much,
Bailey Webb-Olson, Wisconsin