Dear Springtime,

I don't usually write to companies but I just have to tell you how my Thoroughbred mare, Mia, improves when she is on Daily Calm. I have had her for five years. She is very hot and, of course, was abused when I got her. She can be frustrating to work with but has improved so much since I have owned her. She will most likely never be able to show (too bad, because she's gorgeous) since she just so easily gets stressed. I have had her on the Daily Calm for about four to five years.

Several months ago I ran out of Daily Calm so I decided to see how she did without it. Horrible! This the third time I have tried to go without and the third time I've put her right back on it! You'd think I'd learn! Without it she is almost unrideable, just totally agitated and hyper. I rode her last evening after being back on the Daily Calm for about three days. Wow! She was so sweet, loving, and SO much better under saddle. We were able to canter, go over cavaletti, and a small jump; things she absolutely cannot handle without the Daily Calm. I do find though, that she does best on a larger dose than what you suggest. I give her two heaping scoops two times a day.

Just thought I'd pass this along,
Carolyn Miele and "Mia," Illinois