Dear Springtime,

We are called SW Florida Rescue and take in abused horses, mainly from the rodeo circuits. We have eight horses as the moment, including four wild mustangs. These horses, when they came to us, were unable to be touched by humans. Because they didn't buck hard and long enough, they were hit with 2 x 4's and treated horribly. We are always asking for volunteers to groom and interact with the horses, gentling them so they can go to good homes when they are ready.

The picture I sent is of Kiera, one of the newborn foals. She was born September 18th. Her mamma, Trinity, is a three year old who was abused like this. She is a very good mother to Kiera, her first baby. Mamma Trinity came with a halter on, though it was actually over one ear and off the other. It took me three months to gain her trust so that she would let me get close enough to her face to take the halter off!

I have found Springtime Bug Off Garlic the only garlic product that eliminates 85% or more of the flies, including horseflies. When I first had the horses, before garlic, the horseflies would leave terrible welts, drawing blood in many places. The horses had been malnourished and couldn't fight them off. Knowing I had to have time to build a relationship with the horses before they would let me touch them, let alone use a spray on them, made me desperate for something to stop the biting. Within a week of adding Bug Off Garlic to the feed, I noticed a decrease in flies and within three weeks they were all but eliminated.

Linda Roman, Florida
SW Florida Rescue