Dear Springtime,

Two years ago I purchased two adorable miniature donkeys, Cappy and Ajay. They have approximately five acres of pasture with a nice little run-in shed to get out of the sun. However, they were constantly bothered with flies and gnats. I'd been purchasing products from Springtime for myself and decided to try the Bug Off Garlic for the donkeys. I started them the first year around January and by the spring and summer months, they pastured without a worry. This year I started late and the months of May and June proved awful for them. The flies were chewing their legs raw.

It's now late August and thankfully after getting them back on track with the Bug Off Garlic, my beautiful boys can once again graze without being pestered. They will be on Bug Off Garlic year round from now on.

Thanks from two happy donkeys and one happy donkey mom,
Paula Stein, "Cappy" & "Ajay," Virginia