Dear Springtime,

I have been ordering your Bug Off Garlic for my horses for years, with excellent results. In fact, it was difficult getting decent photos of the horses to send, because they were too interested in getting at the Bug Off Garlic (the bucket now has lots of teeth marks to prove it).

I had two bottles of garlic capsules for people, which sat on my shelf unopened until a couple weeks ago. I had been battling an oncoming sinus infection, and had become so run down that my face flared up with hives and acne, and my glands and sinuses were swollen and sore to the touch. My doctor refused to prescribe, so the only thing I could think of, was to turn to try taking garlic (I had read about the immune-strengthening power of garlic in the past.) Within a few days of taking a high dose, (six to eight capsules throughout the day), my face began to heal, and my glands and sinuses quit hurting. Now, two weeks later, my face is almost completely clear, and my glands are back to normal. Furthermore, I felt better than I did before becoming ill. I am a true believer in garlic, and will continue to take it on a daily basis from this point on. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful products!

Cheryl Peterson, Wisconsin