Dear Springtime,

LOVE this product. I started it last year as my Thoroughbred was getting bumps all over from bug bites as well as tons of ticks... Where Roo is stabled there are woods all around. The first spring he was stabled there it was 2009. My daughter had brought him in from the field and called me. She said she had just pulled off 30 plus ticks, and he had welts all over him from other bug bites as well... He had so many bumps I did not ride him. I started Bug Off Garlic and it really helped to keep the ticks off as well as only a few bumps here and there. So I had to use it again this year. It really does work for him and he does not mind it in his food.

While he is on Bug Off Garlic the flies won't bother him that much (if at all) at shows. That is one less thing I have to think about and that makes me happy. You can see how wonderful his coat is. I know without Bug Off Garlic he would have welts all over him.

Margaret Gins, Maryland