Dear Springtime,

Last year due to the drought, heat and dusty conditions in our part of the country, my favorite horse, a 19 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare, Oprah, developed a severe case of heaves (respiratory issues). We tried every remedy we could find – to no avail. She continued to cough and heave. It broke my heart because she was the best horse we have ever owned. She is loved, ridden and shown by many children as well as adults. She could do anything. In February, I received one of your catalogs and decided to try the Breather Powder. I used it along with some other options for about a month. Her respiratory issues eased. I brought it to my husband's attention. He thought it was a combination of everything that helped, so we stopped giving her anything but the Breather Powder >. She never had a relapse until I ran out. I quickly ordered it again and put her back on it. You would never know she had any respiratory problems. I consider it a life saver. Thank you so much for your products. I have told all my friends and believe in your products.

Thank you again,
Darlene Brown, Ohio