Dear Springtime,

I have been using Breather Powder on my 23 year old Tennessee Walker for over a year now with fantastic results for his heaves. Two weeks after I started using this product, Chance was able to breathe so much better than he had in years. I spent thousands of dollars on medications that would work for a couple weeks but as soon as the heat hit they stopped working. Breather Powder has made it easier for Chance to breathe even in 100+ degree weather. I am grateful to you for making such an inexpensive product that really works for horses with heaves. I thank you and Chance thanks you.

Here are a couple pictures of Chance. I also have him on Spirulina Wafers which I crush and add to his feed. He developed a chronic nasal discharge, and was put on antibiotic after antibiotic. But, as soon as he stopped them, the discharge would come back. After reading some of the letters from horse owners that use this product I decided to add Spirulina Wafers crushed in Chance's feed. The nasal discharge started to become less and less. He still has a slight nasal discharge but not at all like he did. Since putting him on the combination of Breather Powder and Spirulina Wafers he has become more energetic, breathes very well and is starting to gain his weight back.

I also use Spirulina Wafers for one of my old dogs that has breathing difficulties and they have helped her tremendously. Your products are great. Thank you for making such wonderful products and giving me my favorite horse back.

Thank you,
Glenna Tompkins, Virginia