Dear Springtime, I want to give you feedback about the products of yours that we have faithfully administered to our herds. They have all worked wonderfully, especially the Bug Off Garlic! I am including a photo of Big Beau, a Percheron-Thoroughbred, who was so constantly attacked by flies that he looked as if peppered by buckshot. After a few short weeks, Beau's bite marks began to magically diminish and heal! We have continued to give our 36 horses a dose of garlic every day, which in addition to being a fly deterrent has made them much stronger I'm certain because of the immune system boost it has provided. …Of course, we have been getting all of the "when are you going to open the pizzeria?" comments because of the wonderful smell of garlic throughout the barn at feeding times. So, with a little oregano and mozzarella… who knows?

Dervin Bradford, Georgia
The Swan Center Outreach