Dear Springtime,

We started using Fresh Factors when Emmett, our English bulldog mix, had a spiral fracture to his right leg in January 2008. Emmett had already had a total hip replacement and a TPLO on one knee when the accident happened. Texas A&M set Emmett's leg with a steel rod and an external fixture and advised us we were in for at least 14 weeks of grueling attentive cleaning and care to pull our sweet Emmett to mobile status again. After just 10 weeks the doctors at Texas A&M were amazed at Emmet's healing progress and removed the external fixture, FOUR WEEKS EARLY. They had to know what we were feeding Emmett. We explained that the week we brought Emmett home after they had set his leg, we received a catalogue from Springtime and ordered Fresh Factors to give it a try. The results were amazing. Thank you.

Bobbye Bolestridge, Texas