Dear Springtime,

Last December, I took my little brown dog, Gracie, to my vet at least three times for a treatment for terrible lick granuloma that she had on her rear leg. She was put onto a protocol of antibiotics and several other drugs to help her heal. Unfortunately, none of them worked.

I decided that going natural was the key to our success. I adjusted her diet cutting out corn, wheat, soy and dairy, and I added Fresh Factors and Omega 3-6-9. Today, almost a year later, she is not licking anymore, and her leg has healed (and she has great skin and a beautiful coat)! I'd love to say that it is a miracle, but I am more convinced that you simply provide a good product that does what it says. Thank you – I look forward to shopping with you for many more years.

Charis Gaines & "Gracie, the Super Monkey," Florida