Dear Springtime,

I would like you to know that I have been feeding stray dogs since 2006. I became concerned about one of my strays being affected by ticks and flies. I talked to my vet-tech and she told me to check you out. So I started buying Bug Off Garlic granules for dogs. (Everyone in the house knows I'm working with the dog food because you can smell it throughout the house.) Hehehe! I saw the dog a week and a half later, oh my gosh, he looked like he took off his coat and put on another one. His coat was so shiny. What I could see, no ticks and flies were to be found. Thanks to my vet-tech and you! I've been meaning to write you but, sometimes life happens, we all get busy.

I called this dog Purple because he happened to have a purple collar on. I haven't seen him in about two years. Life is hard without a home. I wasn't taking pictures of the dogs at that time but I do of the dogs I feed now.

"Cans for K-9s" (Joyce's Project) has been going on since 2006. We collect and recycle aluminum cans to help feed homeless and abandoned pets, kind of a twofold project. I have a lot of people that give me cans, that truly helps, God bless them.

I can't help but tell others of the benefits of your product. I told my brother-in-law and his wife about the garlic for their horses and livestock. We may have you some more customers. When I go to the adoption shows I hand out samples of your Bug Off Garlic Chewables for dogs with info on how to use it and where they can get it.

Thanks again,
Joyce E. Reimler, Oklahoma