Dear Springtime,

Awhile back when ordering I promised you a photo of Elisa, my beloved Maremma. A retired livestock guard dog who still keeps an eye on her small alpaca herd, Elisa will be 19 years old (that is not a typo) in November. Previously a dog who would refuse supplements (including any treat they were hidden in), Elisa has been a big fan of Springtime Inc. since we discovered you years ago. She enthusiastically eats Fresh Factors, and Bug Off Garlic Chewables, and she LOVES Longevity--eating it daily out of a separate dish she'll even carry around the house. While she may look sleepy in this recent photograph, and of course she naps often these days, Elisa can be surprisingly vigorous and even run through the woods when inspired. I didn't get Elisa until she was 6 years old and soon found myself wishing I'd have more time with her - and I hoped she was making the same wish about me. Now I know we're both very grateful to Springtime Inc. for helping make our wish come true.

Thank you so much,
Kathy Hill, New York