Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to write to you about how wonderful your products are. I have a 4 1/2 year old long coat German Shepherd, Falco, who was diagnosed with hip problems at around 2 1/2. … It devastated me to hear this news! Falco is my love, my best friend, my child. The vet recommended powerful joint supplements of which I started him on and it improved him greatly. He was fine for some time but then started sliding down hill so I switched supplements and tried many things. … Nothing seemed to make a great difference, and by the way, I feed a raw food diet. NO dry dog food in my house. Last winter Falco had a hard time getting in the back of my Tahoe, so I bought a ramp that he hated. He would get grumpy with our puppy, Nika, who was about 6 months old or so and wanted him to play rough. He knew he could not keep up with her. … I purchased the Longevity and Bug Off Garlic as we have horrible ticks. Within a few weeks Falco was much more active and running better in the yard. After a month, I really started to notice the difference as I doubled his dose. Now, several months later you would not know he has hip issues. We live on the lake and he runs on the beach and leaps up on the dock and over to the other side. He chases Nika in the yard and bullies her around while smiling, yes, smiling! It is truly amazing. Dogs with hip problems have no muscle in their hind legs, well, I tell you he does now!

Nika would not eat the Longevity so I started her on Fresh Factors. She had a problem with her coat. She had very coarse, brittle top coat on neck and back, and sores appeared all along her back and head. I had used a new bug repellent so probably the sores were from that, but the coat was terrible, even with the raw diet. She pretty much blew her whole coat, but now after two months on Fresh Factors her coat is soft and supple and shiny. I also have been giving the dogs salmon oil all along and switched recently to your Omega 3-6-9 softgels for them and myself! I think the three different oils in your product are superior to just one type, and it does not go rancid as oil can.

I am so very happy that you saved my boy, Falco, from having surgery. We were seriously considering it and I dreaded the ordeal and expense. So, when your catalog appeared I said "one more try" after reading the testimonials of other clients. Soooo glad I did! We love you, Springtime.

Cathy Tait, Maine