Dear Springtime,

I have been a long time customer, specifically using Spirulina Wafers for my Arabian, Joshua. While placing my latest order, I was singing the praises of this product and the impact it's made on the quality of Josh's life. I met Joshua ten years ago while volunteering for a handicapped riding therapy program. I was paired with Josh to be his handler and quickly learned how special he was. The program folded after a couple of years and Joshua had developed a very serious case of heaves. He became homeless, as well as seriously ill. I believed he deserved a quality life, however much longer that would be, and so he became mine.

Well, that was ten years ago! RLA Joshua is now 31 years old and looks better than ever! Because of the brand on his neck under his mane, I have been able to research his entire history, and what a story it is! I'm determined to write it all down someday. Anyway, I quickly learned when he came under my care that he was allergic to many things. Along with a serious case of heaves, Joshua had skin issues. Every time I would try to administer a product to treat his various conditions, he would have an allergic reaction, itchy skin and hair loss.

I read about Spirulina in Horse Journal, talked to a vet knowledgeable about herbs and decided I needed to give this product a try to build his immune system. Joshua has been on Spirulina daily for about eight years along with a high quality senior feed (he can no longer eat hay), soaked alfalfa cubes and just plain good horse keeping. I closely monitor his breathing and he does require medication occasionally because of the severe scarring in his lungs, but I know Spirulina Wafersmakes his condition manageable and we do not have any skin issues. If you could see him streak across the pasture when turned out, you would not believe he was 31.

Thank you,
Kathryn Bourgault, Michigan