Dear Springtime,

Just a word of update that might be interesting and because I am so grateful for your products...

The first photo is of my husband, Ahmad, along with Link, our Papillion, and Brody, our Brittany. Link and Brody are both almost eight years old, and full of life and good health thanks to Longevity, Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors. Both have beautiful, thick, soft coats.

The second photo is of me with June Mardi Gras. She is an 11 year old American Saddlebred. June's glow is from Bug Off Garlic and Hoof & Coat Formula. I also give June Daily Calm when she is in season. We used to get a shot from the vet several times a summer, but now the Daily Calm does the same thing, and for a lot less. Also, I can give it to whichever horse may be having a bad day if needed, as it has no other effects on their capabilities.

Linda & Ahmad Kangarloo, Virginia