Dear Springtime,

Thank you for your unsurpassed products and service. Last autumn, we survived our first National Disaster, as Rocky Mount, including 50 acres of our farm, was flooded. One week before the hurricane and floods, my 27 year old Thoroughbred mare almost amputated her right hind leg on a high tension wire after a deer ran through our fence line. Muscle, tendon, bone…she looked like she'd been caught in a meat grinder. Two veterinarians deemed the wound unstitchable – the best we could do was use pressure bandages until the perimeter healed enough to surgically remove the dead skin and tissue.

A week later our pastures were under three feet of dirty river water, down river from the waste treatment plant, hog farms, and other lovely pollutants. For 32 days we were an island with no power, no running (i.e. clean!) water, no phones. When the antibiotics ran out on the second day, I was frantic – all that dirty water and no way to even clean her wounds or keep them dry. All we had was ten pounds of Bug Off Garlic, one dry bag of grain, and what bottled water we could scrounge up (our own supply, plus what we could wade out and borrow). I packed her wounds twice daily with the garlic and prayed a lot. By the time my vet could get back to the farm her wounds were almost completely healed. No proud flesh, no infection, no surgery! Minimal scarring and she is 100% completely sound! Both veterinarians call her our miracle mare, and I am convinced that the Bug Off Garlic literally saved her life and her leg.

Debbie Womble and "Second Fiddle," North Carolina

P.S. Picture is from 60 days after the floods – trees in the background were blown down by the high winds, jump standards, etc., still wherever they floated!