Dear Springtime,

I just had to give you an update… In May, I increased Roswell's Joint Health Formula to prepare him for our first show back after being off a year and a half because I gave birth to my daughter. On the day of the event, I also gave him Performance Paste. I was blown away by Roswell's gaits. They were better than they had ever been in the five and a half years I have owned him. He came right out of the stall with no lunging, and showing no signs of stiffness or swelling. His gait had such freedom and regularity while being light, supple, and very engaged from behind. We put down the dressage test of a lifetime. If it hadn't been pouring down rain and I hadn't made a bad call while riding, we would have won that event instead of placing fourth. However, since the rain seemed to turn every jump into a water jump and the stadium into a huge pond, I was still more than thrilled with the results…

Thank you,
Sarah VandenBerghe, Michigan

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Performance Paste for Horses
Performance Paste for Horses

Pre-event paste supports focus, oxygenation, energy, and stamina for "best day" performance for horses.

• Supports healthy inflammatory response and joint lubrication
• Reduces lactic acid buildup (i.e., tying up), making it ideal for performance horses
• Maintains healthy oxygenation, energy & stamina
• Helps keep horses calm & focused but capable of "best day" type performance
• Supports cartilage, tendon, and capillary health

Product Summary

Performance Paste is the perfect pre-event paste for "best day" performance. Maintains healthy energy, stamina and oxygenation; cartilage and capillary health; joint lubrication and calm, focused demeanor. It's a time-tested winner.