Dear Springtime,

My black Percheron, Barak, is four years old and in very good health. I have been feeding him Bug Off Garlic for some time with great results. Last time I purchased enough to qualify for a free gift. I selected the Hoof & Coat Formula. He has completed one small jar. When my farrier arrived to trim his hooves he immediately began asking me what I had done to make his feet so strong and healthy. Percherons are bred for strong legs and hooves so I was surprised that one small jar of Hoof & Coat Formula could make such a noticeable difference with very good hooves. I gave my farrier the empty jar and a catalog as he plans to recommend it to his other clients. Thank you Springtime, for improving the quality of life for all four-legged friends.

Bessie Parker, Texas

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Hoof & Coat Formula
Hoof and Coat Formula for Horses

A blend of naturally occurring electrolytes, trace minerals, B vitamins, and biotin to replenish and maintain mineral balance, hydration, sound healthy hooves, and a brilliant coat.

• Farrier recommended
• Supports strong, healthy, functional hooves
• Electrolytes help maintain proper hydration in hot or cold weather
• Excellent fluid balance, especially important for equine athletes
• B vitamins and yeast culture provide healthy digestive system support
• Provides essential nutrients for healthy nerve & muscle function
• Fortified with biotin - one scoop gives you 14 mg

Product Summary

Springtime Hoof & Coat Formula is a whole food formula made from natural, unrefined ingredients, rich in wide-spectrum trace minerals and electrolytes. The electrolyte balance in a natural horse supplement is essential for sustaining life, as it powers such electrochemical processes as nutrient absorption, proper hydration, healthy muscle contraction, and digestion. Added biotin makes Springtime Hoof & Coat Formula hoof supplement for horses specific for maintaining sound, healthy hooves and a brilliant coat.

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