Dear Springtime,

Your products simply blow me away! I live in central Florida (25 miles southwest of Ocala) and have Tennessee Walking horses. I have battled flies and mosquitoes with everything but nuclear waste from our power plant in Crystal River. By dumb luck I found out about Bug Off Garlic from a friend. Talk about battle of the bug, OMG, Springtime rules! I can actually saddle the horses without them doing an Irish step dance. The mosquitoes now find me a tastier treat than my equine partners.

Let's go on to my once itchy cattle dog. He was such a miserable little guy, constantly scratching and chewing his paws. I thought he had a neurotic thing going on for a while. I'm a cytotechnologist; I have the ability to swab and test on occasion. My little itchy guy had a lot of fungus going on. I began giving him Longevity and Greek yogurt and within a week he was cured. Watching the dog sleep an entire night undisturbed brought a tear to my eye, really.

Melissa S. Bailey, Florida