Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to share with you that our gelding, Bingo, is doing so much better once we put him on your DMG 5,600. I have already recommended it to many other people to use on their horses with coughs and heaves. Bingo is back to his happy, healthy self. In fact, I got to work him today and NO coughs and NO heaves! I cannot express how happy I was! …He is going on 22 this year, but acts like a colt still! He has some weight to put on, but doesn't look too bad for his age! Thank you sooooo much again!

Lisa & Steve Doyle, Washington

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DMG 5,600 for Horses
DMG for Horses

Natural DMG Supplement for Horses (dimethylglycine HCl) for healthy oxygen utilization, which is critical for endurance, stamina, performance, and recovery.

• Supports healthy oxygen utilization, which is essential for energy production and stamina
• Reduces lactic acid buildup (tying up) due to exercise
• Healthy immune system support
• Extremely cost-effective way to improve overall endurance

Product Summary

DMG has been a tack room staple for decades. The cost-to-benefit ratio of this natural horse supplement is obvious and outstanding. Springtime's DMG 5,600 is the most cost-effective way to maintain healthy oxygenation, reduce tying up during exercise, and support recovery after physical exertion. If you've been looking for a new equine energy supplment, you just found it.

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