Dear Springtime,

Daily Calm has actually changed the mood in my barn for the better. Most of my horses are racehorses who are post-surgery patients or "on vacation" from the track. The adjustment period from a high-stress, extreme conditioning atmosphere to the quiet, low-key barn in the country often took weeks. Now, those who need help with the adjustment get Daily Calm and in days they are in "vacation mode!"…

Enclosed please find two photos of "Bronx Connection" (AKA Moose), a Standardbred Pacer, and me. Moose had been at my farm for three days (following a training session at Freehold Raceway in New Jersey) when the photos were taken. Without Daily Calm, it would have taken another week before he would have stood still for a "photo shoot." Thanks to Daily Calm, the vacationing racers get to relax for the full time that they reside at "Moody Hollow."

Rita Bauer, New York

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Daily Calm for Horses
Daily Calm

A natural, non-sedating daily equine calming supplement that helps to reduce nervousness, stress and spookiness, while enhancing focus, confidence, performance, and health.

• Improves ability to manage stress as a daily supplement or to target specific events
• Does not sedate
• Great for travel/trailering
• Helps maintain focus & attention during lessons, events & shows
• Reserves energy for periods of peak requirement
• Stallwalkers, weavers, easily "spooked," high strung types

Product Summary

Top-grade panax ginseng extract is the primary active ingredient in Daily Calm. Ginseng is the best known and most widely used of botanicals referred to as adaptogens, harmony remedies, or longevity tonics. They combat stress, improve health and well-being, and upgrade athletic performance. The other ingredients in Daily Calm may help support adrenal function and assist free radical scavenging. Not only will Daily Calm assist nervous horses, as a natural horse supplement, it is useful for any high performance lifestyle.

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