Dear Springtime,

I have been a loyal customer for the past three years after discovering Breather Powder. I thoroughly believe it has done nothing but help my now 22 year old barrel racing mare named "The Right Signal" aka Dallas. After competing one night several years ago, I noticed that there was a small trickle of blood from one side of her nostril. She had been making good runs, but was not firing the way she normally did. So after discussing the options, we decided to put her on Breather Powder, which was recommended to us by someone else who had success with it. We chose Breather Powder because of it being an all natural herbal product. I am happy to say that in three years of competing consistently, she has maintain healthy respiratory function. I would recommend this product to anyone that was in a similar situation. I just wanted to share my story. Thank you for your time and a great product.
Kaci Kizer, Arkansas
Photo courtesy of Fessler Photography
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