Dear Springtime,

Three years ago I purchased a horse, Yoda, who was navicular, laminitic and had been treated for EPM. He had many issues, which I addressed with barefoot trim, diet, movement and herbs. He had an odd way of moving which I initially thought was due to his hoof issues. But when they recurred almost three years later they were diagnosed by my vet as a recurrence of EPM. I tried her recommendations which were acupuncture, etc. He still had the collapsing hind. I also tried a course of homeopathic prescriptions…no change. I remembered that I had seen the hind end malfunction when I first got him, and that it had gone away. I was doing a lot of herbs and the like at the time. I thought it might be Bee Pollen, and when I put him on it (double dose), he immediately started to improve. He went from barely being able to walk, to floating.

Anne Brown, Maryland