Dear Springtime,

I wanted to let you know I am very happy with your products. My older Appaloosa gelding, Stoney, who turned 25 has had a problem with his weight for about three years now. His shoulder blades had no flesh over them, his hip bones were visible as well as his whole spine and ribs. Because he was blind, I could not turn him out to pasture. Also, with seven other horses, a two year old son, and a third shift job, hand grazing him every day was impossible. As a last ditch effort, I ordered Bee Pollen, Hoof & Coat Formula, Bug Off Garlic, and Springtime GL. I made no other changes to his hay or grain and within two months he has obviously gained weight over his hips, back and shoulders. Thank you so much for products that really work.

Karen Cockshutte, Michigan