Dear Springtime,

Two years ago when we purchased my mare, Roanie, she was miserable with huge sores on her belly, and the hair on the top of her tail was gone from the horrible itching. Roanie has a bad allergic reaction to the no-see-ums. We tried several things that did not work that year and then I tried the Bug Off Garlic at the end of the season.

I kept her on a smaller amount throughout the winter and increased in the spring. Last summer Roanie had no problem whatsoever with the flies, gnats or no-see-ums. No more sores and itching! I didn't even need a fly sheet. Roanie and I are so thankful for Bug Off Garlic! It works great! I am giving it to my other horse, Rainy, now also. They both eat it with no issues.

Also, my farrier has mentioned several times that her hooves are so much better now. I usually put front shoes on Roanie from about April through October when I am riding her a lot. However, my farrier didn't think she would need them this year since her hooves have improved so much. In the past, before the Bug Off Garlic, she even needed pads because her feet were so sore.

Thank you and keep producing those great products!

Gloria Bonacci, Washington