Dear Springtime,

After my dog, Annie, had passed away, I was determined that no new dog would enter my life again (I am 72-years-old). Then, one day I discovered that my neighbor's 11-year-old chocolate Lab/Rottie cross, "Porkchop", had taken up residence in one of my sheds. Eventually I determined that Porkchop's owner was fine with that decision, despite Porkchop having the sweetest temperament ever.

Porkchop was in very poor shape. He scratched constantly. He had a major case of dandruff, had several bald patches under his neck and along his underside, and smelled so bad I was reluctant to even touch him.

I began feeding him a good quality dog food and did research on what might be causing his skin condition. My research led me to consider omega oils. A look at your catalog brought Skin & Coat Oil to my attention. I immediately ordered a supply for Porkchop. I also remembered having two jars of Longevity left after Annie's passing, so I started Porkchop on that as well.

It has been about a month and Porkchop is a different dog. His (now) lovely coat is obvious and he now has that good dog smell. His dandruff is gone and his bald spots no longer look inflamed, and are filling in. His color has deepened to a dark brown and all of the light brown dry areas have disappeared. He has a nice "apartment" in my shed, which he truly enjoys. He greets me in the morning with leaps and jumps as if he were a young dog.

I would also like to say that the Longevity and Fresh Factors have helped maintain his normal mobility. I also am giving him your Bug Off Garlic Chewables in anticipation of the coming bug season. Both Porkchop and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And, dare I tell you this? Skin & Coat Oil tastes grand. I take some each day as I dole out Porkchop's measure. I honestly think it has helped me as well. And, unless I begin to grow hair on my chest, I intend to make it a permanent addition to my daily regimen.

Once again, a very sincere thanks from a longtime customer,

Carol J. Morgan, Indiana