Dear Springtime,

How can I thank you for your great products? I started my first Dachshund on Fresh Factors, Joint Health Chewables and Bug Off Garlic Chewablesfor fleas. She lived a long, healthy life thanks to your products. My current Dachshund, Noopy, will be 8-years-old soon, and she has had many health issues, but I truly believe she is as well as she is today because of these same products as well!

Because of my wonderful dogs' health, I thought I'd try Tonic Blend for myself. What can I say? I feel so much better, both mentally and physically. I know that I am taking a product that is healthy for me without all those artificial fillers they put in other vitamins. Thank you so much for giving me and my dogs such a great quality of life!

Dee Knabel, Illinois