Dear Springtime,

I've used your products for almost 20 years now. Long ago, I happened to come across a testimonial for Fresh Factors. It convinced me to at least try the product as skeptical as I was. Our beloved older dog, Crunch, was fading away, so I started giving her the Fresh Factors. I noticed, that after just two days, she was already returning to normal energy levels. Well, thanks to Fresh Factors, we had two more really good years with our Crunchie. Our dogs (Sugar, Noodle, Jitterbug, and Dingo) get Fresh Factors or Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Chewables every day to keep the fleas and ticks away.

Currently we live in south Texas, bug capital of the USA. Fighting off bugs of all kinds to protect our horses is a challenge. My 25 yr old horse, Lakota, developed an allergic reaction to bug bites. And, worse, he also started reacting to fly sprays and spot-on repellents. Thank heavens for Bug Off Garlic! Lakota's allergic reactions have been maintained. My horses have no problem [taking] Bug Off Garlic. Every day, I soak their senior feed along with beet pulp pellets and the Bug Off Garlic granules in water for 20 minutes and then [give] it. They clean their buckets. Thanks so much, Springtime!

Jessee Province, Texas