Bully Sticks - Braided - Out of Stock


Bully Sticks - Braided - Out of Stock

Chews for Dogs

Braided Bully Sticks for great value and triple the fun! Three tasty bully sticks wound together make one tantalizing treat.


Layla loves the Springtime Braided Bully Stick
  • Small (approx. 4") - 6 piece bag
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  • Small (approx. 4") - 12 piece bag
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  • Small (approx. 4") - 24 piece bag
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  • Large (approx. 8") - 6 piece bag
  • $13.08/each
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  • Large (approx. 8") - 12 piece bag
  • $12.42/each
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  • Large (approx. 8") - 24 piece bag
  • $11.78/each
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Our best bully stick value are our free range Braided Bully Sticks for dogs. Three premium bully sticks are twisted together for a taste-tempting treat and chew toy in one. Dogs love to puzzle and chew apart these low odor bullies. And a busy dog is a happy dog! Top of the line in taste and quality, these bully sticks are easily digestible.

Some may wonder, "are bully sticks good for dogs?" In a word: Yes! Springtime's Bully Sticks are made without preservatives or dyes. A safe alternative to products like rawhide, our lines of Bully Sticks are 100% digestible, low in fat, gluten free, and a good source of protein. Braided Bully Sticks are laid flat and oven-dried, so some of the natural juices may remain, making them extra tasty for dogs.

Springtime's line of long lasting, natural Bully Sticks encourage healthy chewing habits, as well as keeping dogs happy and occupied (making pet parents happy, too!). And Springtime Bully Sticks work great as a dental treat, keeping gums and teeth healthy without additives or sugary carbohydrates.

• Healthy alternative to rawhide
• Low fat, good source of protein
• Minimal odor
• 100% digestible
• Single Ingredient - nothing artificial added!
• USDA Inspected
• Free range
• Promotes healthy teeth & gums
• Sourced & made in the USA

For many more offerings, we encourage you to take the time to browse our whole collection of natural dog supplements at Springtime Supplements now.

Directions: Store Braided Bully Sticks in a cool, dry place. Supervision is recommended, as with any chew or toy.
Braided Bully Stick Ingredients: 100% beef pizzle. USDA Inspected.

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