Dear Springtime,

I have a rescue Pitbull/Boxer mix that I got when he was only 4 weeks old and on death's door. The woman that I got him from was headed for the dumpster with this puppy in the box she was holding, saying he wasn't worth the time anyway. I couldn't let this happen, obviously, so I scooped him up and did my best to save his life that he hadn't even begun to live yet.

I work in my local animal rescue as a foster coordinator, so working with sick puppies is nothing out of the norm for me. I started treating this puppy for his severe parasite infestation, muscle development issues, and skeletal problems. We almost lost him many times. My plan was to get him better and then find him a forever home through the rescue I work at, but he took so much work to keep alive that he ended up winning us over with his amazing spirit, infectious smile, and will to live! We named him Banks.

When I first started treating Banks, he had intestinal parasites that were so bad that he had very thin, patchy hair, he could hardly walk, and his belly was so very bloated. Since the parasitical worms were taking all of his much needed nutrients, Banks' glucose crashed many times due to anemia and hypoglycemia. I decided I had to give him some sort of supplement in addition to the food he was on to really set him up for success.

I started feeding Banks your Fresh Factors when he turned about 6 weeks old and could finally eat solid food. I started with the maximum dose because I knew he needed anything he could get to help him. In just two weeks, I couldn't believe the improvement! His hair started growing back and he finally started gaining appropriate weight and muscle mass--no more rounded belly! To my amazement, we discovered Banks has a beautiful dark brindle coat, something we could never tell because his coat was in such bad shape when we first got him. He now had energy like never before and was finally starting to act like a real puppy. I cried tears of joy.

At about 3 months old, he was being his new-and-improved normal self and running around being a farm puppy, having the time of his life. Being a tenacious, strong willed pup, Banks started chasing the horse and donkeys we have on the property. Somewhere in the midst of this chaos, he was trampled by one of the equines, crushing his shoulder. I was so angry and worried for him - we had just gotten him to be a normal puppy and there he goes getting himself trampled! Thankfully, he had no severe bone breaks, but he now walked with a limp. After all the work I put into him, I could not stand for him to be limping for the rest of his life. Enter Joint Health Chewables. Again, two weeks of the maximum dose and he was back to himself! No limp whatsoever! I was in awe.

Now, Banks is 3 years old and gets 2 Fresh Factors and 2 Joint Health Chewables daily (and he adores both...which is amazing since he is NOT a fan of most treats). He goes on hikes with me with no limping, and his coat has never looked better. Banks has never been healthier! He never gets sick (and he is exposed to many illnesses weekly), and everyone comments on how his coat is so soft and shiny and how his feet seem to be attached to springs!

I can't thank Springtime enough... I honestly believe your Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables had a huge part in how my pup's life turned out. All of my animals are now on Springtime supplements, from Roman, an 8 year old mastiff with arthritis, to Abby, a 20 year old Appaloosa that has heaves. I recommend them to anyone that will listen!

Thank you for all you do,

Jill and "Banks" Chubbuck, Washington